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Smriti is a revolutionary platform for drafting, reviewing and managing all contracts from anywhere and anytime. Platform enables you to expedite your contract drafting & review work faster while mitigating risk of errors and unexpected liabilities.


Our Products


Smriti Doc-Build

Build your contract template & clause library and draft contracts through a browser based questionnaire


Smriti Doc-Review

A review engine which identifies all key entities & clauses and labels them even if original documents comes unlabeled.


Smriti Doc-Compare

Juxtapose two contracts to see them side by side and system identifies all differences. You can also analyze clauses within documents versus what is stored in your clause library.

With Smriti, you can…

about us

Smriti is a contract lifecycle management platform based on cutting edge natural language and machine learning technologies. The platform is equipped with several artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to learn what provisions and concepts look like from a pre trained dataset containing thousands of examples. It then recognizes the concepts regardless of the vocabulary used to express them. Intelligent algorithms are able to identify defined terms and other pertinent information even if they are scattered in multiple places in a document. You can access the platform from a secure digital repository in the cloud or can deploy it on your in-premise server.


natural language

Natural Language

Automates the process of reasoning through usage of natural language concepts.

deep learning

Deep Learning

Building abstractive summaries on contracts developed from millions of text corpus.

transfer learning

Transfer Learning

Detection of anomalies in clauses of a contract with application of word2vec

sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Determining balance of contract by evaluating risk factors of parties in a contract.

text classification

Text Classification

Mapping of contract text to a standradies clause library.

robust integration

Robust Integration

Leverage our on-premise or cloud based service offering , seamlessly connect to your existing applications and services.


One of our central goal while developing Smriti was to make the platform which is most secured for our client’s legal documents. All documents in transit between clients and Smriti’s servers are protected using industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 256 bit end-to-end encryption. To protect documents while stored in the cloud, Smriti uses only top-tier service providers that have passed annual SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 audits.

Alternatively, our clients can also host Smriti system in their own data centre, this we call as on-premises solution. This basically means that client’s documents never go out the firewall and are always under complete control of the firm’s IT department.


Our Client


Anoma Legal

A multi-specialty law firm with 7 partners and their respective practice teams across 3 offices in India, namely Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi. Anoma Legal has a broad spectrum of practices ranging from transactions, regulatory, advisory to dispute resolution.